With a desire to create new forms of Live and Media Art that blend aspects of art-world-style performance, club/nightlife and theatrical performance, and potentially including (but not limited to) video, dance, vocals, music, photography, and installation, the group hopes to blend audiences as well.

As the name suggests, the group has as a primary goal to bring to life the endless realm of shared human experience confirming that we are overwhelmingly more alike than different; that our communality of spirit unites us all far more that superficial differences separate us.

Sources of inspiration include Pina Bausch, Jean Genet, Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams,  and The Rockettes.

For Media Inquiries & More Information:
David Rohn, (305) 301 1772, rohndvd@bellsouth.net
Danilo de la Torre, 305 724 8440 yesadora@bellsouth.net

Danilo de la Torre / Adora
Born in Havana Cuba .
Trained in classical ballet . Worked in musical theater and cabaret from age of seventeen.
Went to Paris France in 1985 to join Le Ballet Theatre de la Seine, where he continued to 
work in contemporary and modern dance.
Moved to Miami (later to be dubbed ‘South Beach’) in 1988 and created ADORA, with Carlos Rodriguez, who  died of AIDS in 
1991 Danilo de la Torre survived him to become Adora, an icon whose extraordinary wigs and  make up and captiveting stage presence made him/her the undisputed “Queen of South Beach” ,a title that survives even in that somewhat changed Scene.

Adora’s repetoir of lip-sinc’ed interpretations include a variety of muscal styles languages and culture including the Cuban singer Celia Cruz, La Lupe Yma Sumac, Maria Callas, Shirley Bassey, Janis Joplin, Mina, Peggy Lee,

SInce 2010, Adora developed an innovative DJ style at clubs and private events.

Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Dalida, Carmen Flores, Violeta Rivas, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and many other.
Her performances are highly regarded for the quality of her lip-sync skill no less than 
the polished dance and specialty ballet -based movements which she exploits to great and often 
paradoxical dramatic and comic effect.

In 2008 Adora / Danilo de la Torreteamed up with Miami performance Artist David Rohn to form ‘Homo-Sapiens Collab’ in collaboration on ‘Silencio’ –a theatrical performance Piece about a Prisoner and Guard in a US Detention Center who fall in love.

It was performed at the Miami beach Cinematheque in ’08  and The Wolfsonian, also on Miami Beach in ’09

Other performance Pieces, ‘Mr and Mrs Candidate’, Closed Circuit, ‘A Soldier’s Tale’ and ‘War Games’ have followed.

David Rohn Bio
Born and Schooled in and around New York City
Travelled extensively in Italy and France.
Studied Architecture in Paris and New York, worked in
Architecture and Studio art, focusing primarily on painting in
New York in the ’80′s.
Moved to Paris in 1989 and continued to paint, and create installations
Moved to Miami in 1992, continued 2 and 3 dimensional work and performance.

Formed Homo-Sapiens Collab in 2008 with Danilo de la Torrre
then photography and video as
complements to Live Art practices.

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